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Professional industrial CAB label printers are used in a wide variety of applications. Their development is first and foremost focused on simple and convenient operation coupled with high reliability. Printing units and housings are made of high-quality materials and are perfectly matched in terms of shape and function. A wide range of peripherals and software enable customized solutions. Regardless of whether the A+ or X series or the new SQUIX printer is operated as a stand-alone solution, a PC application or in a network, it is always up to the mark. The high-speed processor ensures both fast job processing and immediate label output.

SQUIX printer now combines all the success of the A+ printers and combines innovative technology, easy operation, accuracy of impression, reliable and fast printing, compact, appealing design and high quality standards.

Hinged cover - The two-part cover made of impact-proof plastics folds when opened. Only little footprint is needed. The large panoramic window allows to check the consumption of material and track the full printing process.

Solid metal chassis - Made of cast aluminum. All components are mounted on it.

Peel-off function - The label is removed from its liner via peel-off plate. High accuracy of printing and applying is achieved with the powered rewind assist and pinch rollers.

Peripheral connection -Add-on modules are easy to connect. All peripheral devices are plugged in the printer with two pins and fixed with a screw.

Ribbon holder - The three-part tightening axles enable a quick and easy exchange of ribbon.

Roll holder - The spring-mounted margin stop ensures constant tension during material feed, thus high accuracy of printing. For heavy rolls with core diameters of 76 or 100 mm an adapter is recommended.

Internal rewinder - With the rewinder labels or liners with or without a cardboard core can be rewound. The three-part tightening axle allows easy removal of the material.

Rocker - The resilient rocker with pulleys made of Teflon dampens the tension at print start, thus improving the accuracy of impression.

Operation panel - Intuitive and easy operation with self-explanatory symbols for configuration of the printer settings.