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Hitachi UX Series

Hitachi’s CIJ printers have proven unmatched reliability and superior performance in the industry. This reliability, coupled with a simplified, intuitive user interface and a circulation system that consumes up to 50% less in inks and make-up fluids means you'll keep product moving through the line and your production costs down.

Hitachi’s UX Series of printers, feature up to 6-Lines of printing capability on both porous and non-porous packaging materials. The UX Series is engineered upon an impressive 35 year history of continuous ink jet printer manufacturing, resulting in hundreds of thousands of printer installations - offering unmatched reliability, ease of use and efficiency.


Hitachi's UX series provides the ability to run longer with less intervention – less need to clean the print head, and less need to change filters resulting in higher production numbers for you.

Ease of use

Hitachi UX series features an intuitive 10.4” color TFT LCD touch panel for easy message creation and management. The UX Series also allow operators to easily change filters without tools, in less than 5 minutes! Our flexible umbilical design enables traditional or ‘90-degree’ mounting, all within the unique tapered print head. Our easy "One Button" shutdown feature, including automatic print head cleaning allows operators to reduce time associated with end of production maintenance, while ensuring an easy “One Button” startup for the next production run.


Hitachi brand products have always been known for their efficiency, designed to lower your total cost of ownership. Building on 35 years of experience, our UX series offers even more ways to save including the best fluids management system available. Our innovative ink return system ‘pulsates’ the ink return stream, effectively reducing air exposure with ink – consequently, there is less evaporation. Less evaporation results in you enjoying the lowest solvent consumption in the industry!